When to apply

Applicants to Oxford or Cambridge (not both), Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science must apply by 15th OCTOBER. The school deadline is Friday, 6th October.
Aim to have applications ready by the end of September.

The school deadline for ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS is Friday, 24th November.

Some students may have to sit additional exams during the Autumn Term, e.g. the LNAT exam for students applying to Law at some Universities and the BMAT and the UKCAT exam for those applying for some Bio-Medical courses.

Also individual departments (e.g. at Oxbridge) may set exams. Please be aware of this and inform us if you think you may have exams or aptitude tests to sit. Some departments may ask for examples of work that you have already completed. Save, and care for, any outstanding work, or make sure your next piece of work is outstanding.