Mission Statement

"Today everything exists to end in a photograph." -Susan Sontag

It has been claimed that in 2014, 880 billion photographs will be taken. Everyday we learn about the world through photographs in news stories, and document our own lives through Photographs. It has never been more relevant or important. In the UK Creative industries are vital to our economy, with growth of over 10% in 2012 and providing 1.65 million UK jobs.

Now in its 4th year AS Photography has gone from strength to strength, with past students going on to study the subject at Universities including Edinburgh Napier and Arts University Bournemouth.

Teaching is based around skills building followed by an independent coursework project. Workshops on camera skills, creative lighting and software including Adobe Photoshop equip students with the tools to realise their ideas. Photography is contextualised through investigation and critique of historical and contemporary photographers. Short independent projects develop independence, enabling students to explore topics of interest to them. An extended project then puts all these skills into practice and results in a strong portfolio of work.

Photography is an additional learning offer open to year 12 students taking A-Level Fine Art. Teaching begins immediately in September.

Courses Offered & Unit Work

AS Art & Design - Photography (AQA)

Unit Work

A Level Art & Design - Photography (AQA)

Unit Work

Department Highlights

Students showcase their work through an annual exhibition at The Alnwick Playhouse and students are encouraged to take part in national and local photographic competitions. We actively encourage students to broaden their creative practise and experiences by proving study trips to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Berwick and Durham.

Links have been forged with Film Studies colleagues working alongside practitioners at The Berwick Film Festival. We have close links to local colleges and Universities and actively seek out workshops and talks aimed at broadening students photographic experiences beyond KS5.

Creative Industries worth £8million an hour to UK economy

Staff Contact List

Mrs R Brown (Head of Department & Head of Creative Arts Faculty)


Mr R Hay (Art & Photography and PGCE Mentor)

Miss Jennie Hynes (Teacher of Art & Photography)

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