Mission Statement

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ - Walt Disney.
Our aim is for students to develop an in depth knowledge of a range of real businesses, to understand how they operate and how key concepts including marketing, human resources, finance and operations management exist and interact in the business world.
In the second year we want you to be able to focus more on strategic thinking, decision-making, managing change and to understand the global world in which todays businesses operate.
You will develop the ability to look at numerous different national and global business scenarios and interpret how effectively the business is operating. Key skills of application, analysis, evaluation and justification are further developed.

Courses Offered & Unit Work

In Theme 1 you will learn about dynamic markets, social media and online retailing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Theme 2 introduces you to business finance, the impact of economic uncertainty on business and the competitive environment.

In theme 3 you will move from functions to strategy, exploring business decision-making, small business survival, managing change and scenario planning.

Theme 4 explores global businesses, investigating overseas markets, cultural and social differences and the impact of multinationals.

Edexcel Specification

Department Highlights

This course is extremely useful if you decide to go straight into the world of work as it will equip students with very important skills that are valued by employers.

It is also regarded as an excellent A level for access to a wide variety of degree courses.

It provides excellent knowledge of real life business and helps with your understanding of the wider world and current affairs.

Staff Contact List

Mr C Routledge


Mr K Broughton

All course information can be found in the Business and Politics section within the Frog virtual Learning Environment that students on the course get access to.