Mission Statement

The courses we offer are inspiring, rigorous and practical or vocational subjects. Using creativity and imagination, students solve real and relevant problems, within a range of contexts from the variety of subjects we cover – Electronics, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Food, Graphics, Engineering,  Health & Social Care and Children’s Play Learning & Development.

Students acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, english, computing and art.  Students learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, resilient, and enterprising with a wide view of the world. They develop a critical understanding of the impact of our decisions on daily life and the wider world.

We believe that high quality education in Design and technology, Health and Social Care and Children’s Play Learning & Development makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, and well-being of our students now and in their future.

Therefore: Our vision for Design and Technology et al is that we are a strong team who support each other, students and parents in achieving the best possible learning outcomes for ALL.

Our expectations are high and we strive to provide a learning environment and experience that is encouraging, engaging and challenging for ALL.

Courses Offered

AS-A2 Level

Food Technology, Textile Technology, Product Design

BTEC Level 3

Health & Social Care, Children’s Play Learning & Development, Engineering

Staff Contact List

Mrs D Murphy (Head of Faculty)


Mr C Watson (2nd in Faculty)

Mr M Skinner (KS3 Transition & Development)

Mrs R Milburn (Leading Practitioner)

Mrs G Maitland (Deputy Head)

Miss J Kidd

Miss L Taylor

Mrs R Makamure

Ms L Whitelock