Mission Statement

"The world needs people who can make and fix things so that the world can continue to invent and make things".

Engineering will help you to develop the attitude and skills to become one of these people. This will come with hard work and perseverance and the desire to be successful. Along the way, you might get it wrong but the reward lies on the journey towards getting it right.

Courses Offered & Unit Work

BTEC Engineering Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 QCF (edexcel)

Unit Work

Department Highlights

Level 3 Engineering: will aim to develop the technical and academic skills necessary to help the student move into a broad range of Engineering disciplines. The course will help students to build on their existing Maths, Science and Engineering knowledge from Year 11 and to apply this knowledge to become more skilled and confident with Engineering.  Following this course may help the student to transfer into an Engineering career or further study in an Engineering field.

Staff Contact List

Mr C Watson (2nd in D&T Faculty)


Mr M Skinner

Ms L Whitelock