Mission Statement

"The first step - especially for young people with energy and drive and talent - the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in…Shoot the films. Paint the art. Write the books." -Chuck Palahniuk

Do you want to work in the Film/TV industry? Start here.

The Film Department at DCHS will offer you the chance to start thinking seriously about film and the power of film. We will give you the tools and opportunities to develop your analytical thinking about film, explore the film industry in Britain and Hollywood, and allow you to dream and create your own moving image stories.

The Film and TV industry is currently thriving, with lots of varied career opportunities available to students wanting to pursue a job in this highly creative medium, with GCSE and A level Film Studies being the stepping stones to achieving this goal. With a proven track record in excellent exam results, the Film Studies Department enables students to reach their potential and unleash their creativity in the moving image medium.

Courses Offered & Unit Work

AS-A2 Film Studies (WJEC)

Unit Work

Preparing for Sixth Form

Department Highlights

We work extensively with outside agencies and professionals, to help young people engage with the real film industry, and understand the workings and career possibilities associated with film (such as cinema exhibition, promoting film festivals and education within film). In November 2016, we shall be attending masterclasses in cinematography at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York.

We encourage students to submit original short films to the WJEC Moving Image Awards, which are judged annually, as well as enter competitions run by the Royal Television Society’s Young People’s Awards.

We work closely with the organisers of the annual Berwick Film Festival, with visits by film-makers, workshops on marketing films, work experience opportunities for Year 12 students, and annual trips to the Film Festival each September.

We have strong links with our nearest independent cinema, the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle Upon Tyne, hosting yearly workshops on marketing and exhibition, as well as trips to see ‘event’ films. We also encourage talented students to access their Summer Workshops.

The 6th form Film Studies students run a FilmClub, available to everyone interested in watching films at DCHS, for free, once a month. We encourage students to submit reviews of films to FilmClub, and many have successfully won ‘Review of the Month’.


Tyneside Cinema

Berwick Film and Art Festival

York Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Royal Television Society Young People's Awards

Staff Contact List

Ms L Thompson (Head of Department)