Mission Statement

Geography is an education for life and for living. It provides a unique bridging of social and natural sciences. We promote social & environmental sensitivity & an empathy with and understanding of inequality. We equip you with a broad range of skills and increase your employability. In Geography & we want you to analyse & interpret data, problem solve, decision-make & debate; we value your opinion. We want to help you make sense of the world & the people who share our planet of finite resources.The future of our planet is in your hands. Do you understand your role as a global citizen?

The Earth has enough for everyone’s need not for everyone’s greed. (Gandhi)

Give a man a fish & you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime. (Chinese proverb)

Geography Students hold the key to the world's problems

Courses Offer

Year 12 AS Geography 7036 (AQA)

Year 12 Specification

Year 13 AS/A2 Geography 2030 (AQA)

Year 13 Specification

Department Highlights

In year 12 students carry out a coastal study between Warkworth & Cullernose Point  and compare two contrasting places through interviews & analysing local culture. Year 13 students study the conservation zone of Druridge Bay and also assess urban regeneration in Newcastle & Gateshead.

6th form students are given the opportunity to study natural hazards & tectonic processes in Iceland.

Staff Contact List

Ms L Smith (Head of Humanities)


Mr P Burrow

Mrs A Harrison

Mrs J Patten