Mission Statement

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -Plato

We believe that knowledge is power and this A Level gives you the knowledge to understand how government works, particularly in the UK, but also in other countries.

We don’t always like politicians and the things that governments do... but the business of politics touches every aspect of our lives. And whilst we might criticise governments for some of their policies, it has to be better than having no government at all. Society just wouldn’t function without an elected body to decide, for example, what taxes will be levied, how those taxes will be spent on things like health and education or how the country will be defended.

But no matter whether government makes you feel angry or reassured, it’s worth having an understanding of how the whole process of an elected government works.

In the wider scheme of things we encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills and enhance their ability to interpret, evaluate and comment on the world they live in.

Courses Offered & Unit Work

AS-A2 Government & Politics (AQA)

Unit Work 

AQA Specification

Preparing for Sixth Form

During the first year of Government and Politics you’ll study two main themes. Unit 1 ‘People, Politics and Participation’ introduces issues like how is voting behaviour changing in elections? And do pressure groups strengthen or weaken democracy? In Unit 2 you’ll study ‘Governing Modern Britain’. This covers issues such as, what is parliament’s role in the UK political system? And do we have a prime ministerial government in the UK?

The second year of the course is where you will major in two topics of particular interest. These units are ‘The politics of the USA’, and ‘Ideologies’.

Department Highlights

As government touches on literally every aspect of society, this course has universal appeal. Students who take Government and Politics find it goes well with subjects like Law and Sociology.

In Year 12 students may have the chance to stand as a candidate in a mock election or even, through our strong links with the Northumberland Youth Cabinet, you will have the chance to stand for an elected body of 13-19 year olds who represent the views of young people from across Northumberland within the Council.

You will get a chance to meet local senior politicians or even arrange work placements with a political party in our constituency.

Staff Contact List

Mr C Routledge


Mr K Broughton

All course information can be found in the Business and Politics section within the Frog Virtual Learning Environment that students on the course get access to.