Mission Statement

Mathematics is taught in school because it has direct and useful applications for students in a great many areas of life. These extend from the simple level of dealing with money to the complicated solution of problems in modern technology. However, mathematics makes a more significant contribution to the education of an individual by encouraging the development of wide-ranging skills, which include; the ability to think logically, to analyse complex situations, to solve problems, to explain and predict with a level of certainty, to communicate effectively and to make sense of the many uses of data in other subject areas and in the ‘real-world’.

We aim to equip students with the necessary mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding for life after school and to provide a foundation for the mathematical requirements of employment and/or for further study post 16.

We aim to enthuse students so that they are encouraged to find the enjoyment and interest in the subject.  We aim to give them insight into the awe and wonder of mathematics and its significance in today’s world and in the universe.  Maths is everywhere!

Courses Offered & Unit Work

AS-A2 Mathematics (AQA) REF 6360

AS-A2 Further Mathematics (AQA) REF 6360

Schemes of Learning Mathematics

Schemes of Learning Further Mathematics

Preparing for Sixth Form

Department Highlights

The Maths department takes an active part in the UK Maths trust challenges, both individual and team entry. The senior team in particular take great pride in being able to take on any other school and compete at a high level in problem solving activities. Every year students achieve gold, silver and bronze certificates in these challenges.

UK Maths Trust

Inspiration day trips to the Theatre Royal are popular.  We’ve had the pleasure of lectures covering topics from the structure of the emirates to roller coasters and juggling.

Maths Inspiration

Most years we have students apply and are successfully accepted onto Oxbridge courses. Some links to former A level maths students:

Northumberland Gazette

The Journal

Staff Contact List

Miss Susan Green - Head of Maths Department


Mr Mark Lillico - 2nd in dept

Mr Darren Drummond

Mrs Heather Eggleston

Mrs Cheryl Fleet - KS5 Standards - Progress and UCAS Co-ordinator and Higher Education Advisor

Mrs Karen Hopper - KS3 Standards - Progress

Mr Richard Lyst

Mr Angus McGarry

Mr Gary Mulhearn

Mr Daniel Patten

Mr Scott Philips

Miss Amy Sidebotham - KS5 Maths Responsibility

Mrs Jaquie Steel - Assistant Head

Miss Laura Sweet - KS4 Standards - Progress