Mission Statement

The new AQA Level 3 Applied General Science (Year 12) offers students the chance to study all Science disciplines through practical work and the real life application of Scientific ideas. It involves two exams and a portfolio of assignments that summarise the practical work that is completed. The unit 1 exam covers Level 3 Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics and the unit 3 exam involves comprehension of Science in the real world.

The course provides a sound basis for further study in applied science, biomedical, forensic and sports science, as well as nursing. The qualification also offers students an opportunity to develop transferable skills such as problem solving, research and communication.

It is a much more rigorous course than applied courses of the past and will expect high levels of dedication to studies from the outset and throughout to achieve highly. The course is 33.3% internal assessment (portfolio of practical work) and 66.6% external exams. It will lead to a grade of P (pass), M (merit), D (distinction) or D* (distinction star) which equate to UCAS points for university applications. It can be studied with other level 3 courses including A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics.

The Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma (Year 13) offers the chance to study all Science subjects through assignment work rather than exams. Students study key concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to build on the ideas learnt during the Level 3 Certificate that is achieved in the year 12 course. The units specialise further into forensic science with topics including instrumental techniques, crime scene photography and analysis, DNA and criminal psychology.

The course provides the scientific knowledge to allow further study in applied science, forensic science, food technology and nursing.

The course has a track record for good achievement by learners where in Summer 2015 there was a 100% pass rate. A real achievement for the students who worked hard towards this.


Courses Offered & Unit Work

BTEC L3 Certificate in Applied Science (AS equivalent)

BTEC L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Forensic Science (A2 equivalent)

Unit Work Year 12

Unit Work Year 13

Department Highlights

Year 13 provides the opportunity to visit the Centre for Life in Newcastle where students get the chance to use specialist equipment to analyse forensic evidence.

Staff Contact List

Miss E Robertson