Mission Statement

To develop scientific knowledge and understanding in all three science disciplines. Developing understanding of scientific process and method. To develop students’ practical skills including their ability to; collect, analyse and evaluate observed data, using tables and graphical detail accurately. To develop an appreciation of the place of science in the real world.

Courses Offered & Unit Work

AS-A2 Chemistry (AQA)

Unit Work

Preparing for Sixth Form

Textbook Information

AS Chemistry

ISBN-10: 074878280X (Nelson Thornes)

ISBN: 978 1 84762 791 9 (CGP)

ISBN: 978 1 84762 123 8 (revision guide)

A2 Chemistry

ISBN 10: 0748782796

ISBN: 978 1 84762 792 6 (CGP)

ISBN: 978 1 84762 261 7 (revision guide)

Department Highlights

Each year the Science department runs a variety of extra-curricular activities that support the learning that goes on in lessons - linked directly to the specifications being taught. These include:

- Newcastle University Sixth Form Workshops for Biology and Applied General Science

- Law Courts visits focus on on the use of Forensics in law

- Ecology Field Trip week

- Centre for Life - workshops

- Edinburgh Zoo - conservation seminars

- Chemistry Olympiad

In addition to which the Science department also run a voluntary Science Club and also Further Enrichment lessons where students can work towards a CREST award which inspires and enthuses students between ages 11-19 in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) subjects.

Staff Contact List

Mrs S Bowden (Head of Chemistry)


Miss G Hogg

Miss E Robertson

Miss C Tennant