School Closure Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of school closure due to heavy snowfall making roads inaccessible,Radio Newcastle will be informed and they will issue school reports during the Breakfast Programme (on radio frequency 95.4) from 7.00am until 11.00am. There will be a daily update until the school reopens.

Additionally we will also be able to send any confirmation of closure by text and/or e-mail to all of those families registered with ParentMail. Should the weather deteriorate please check your mobile phone/e-mail to confirm whether any information has been sent.

Consideration of possible closure will be around 7.15 a.m. with every effort being made to ‘post’ messages of any closure by 7.30 a.m. n.b. Messages will only be ‘posted’ in the event of closure (i.e. they will not be confirming opening).

Buses not arriving in the morning

Under normal circumstances, children are advised to wait 20 minutes before returning home or to an alternative base. In the case of extremely cold weather parents should, of course, make their own decision as to a reasonable waiting time.

Bus Company Telephone Numbers:

A & P Sutton: 01669 621139

AA Taxis: 01665 606060

Barrons: 01668 219100

DDM: 01668 283023

Glen Valley: 01668 281578

GM Contracting: 01665 604492

Hedgeley Motoring Services: 01665 578887

Howard Snaiths: 01830 520609

Hunters Taxis: 01665 720400

Mrs J Nelson: 01670 787595

Northumbria Mini Coaches: 01670 520577

Readypay Limited - T/A Phoenix Taxis: 01670 540222

Rothbury Motors: 01665 606616

Sovereign Taxis: 01665 602200

Need Limited: 01665 605780

Travelsure: 01668 219291

Borderline Travel: 0191 250 1476

Parks Taxi Hire: 01665 720542

Tri-star Taxis & Mini Coaches: 01670 843773

Knights Taxis: 01665 830533

C & R Private Hire: 01665 602460

Early Closure during the School Day

On the odd occasion we may be advised to send students home early due to worsening weather conditions that are likely to cause major problems.

If parents are at work, arrangements need to be made so that students are clear about where they need to go. Experience has shown that trying to operate a cascade system in emergency situations is not realistic. Although weather reports are not always accurate, it should be possible to predict when contingency plans are necessary.

Appropriate Clothing

Can you please impress upon your children that they must wear warm coats. Lunch breaks can be miserable if they are cold and at the end of the day the bus may be delayed.