Preparing the Application

1. Decide upon your course(s) and the Universities/Colleges which you wish to apply to.

Remember to consider:

  • Entry requirements (grades, subjects)

  • Type of university/college (city/campus)

  • Ratio of applicants to places

  • Living costs and availability of accommodation

  • Length of course

  • Course content

  • Means of teaching and assessment

  • The facilities made available for studying, socialising and support

  • The availability of grants and bursaries

  • Use UNISTATS to compare

2. Reference

Your Year 13 subject teachers will decide upon your predicted grade. They will email Mrs Fleet this information along with a subject reference. Your form tutor will also email Mrs Fleet a reference (you can discuss/negotiate the content of this with your form tutor).
Mrs Fleet will compile the final reference from these and send it, along with your application, to UCAS.

3. The requirements of different courses may be given as grades e.g. BBB or they may be given as points (3 x 40 = 120).

The table below shows how to convert grades to points.

For more detailed information visit:

UCAS Tariffs