The Centigrade Test

Centigrade Online

University prospectuses

You will already have collected some of these from the Higher Education Fair and room A1 has a full collection for 2016 entry. Individual universities will also send you copies - free.

University websites

These provide detailed information.

Open Days

If you have not already done so then visit the Universities. You may be spending at least 3 years of your life there so check them out. Please inform your form tutors and teachers in advance if you are out of school on a visit.



School Staff

Form tutors, subject teachers, Mrs Fleet and Mrs Drummond are all available to give help and advice.

University Compare

A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings. https://universitycompare.com


A website which tells you everything you need to know about Clearing and Adjustment and offers an app which allows you to speak to universities directly. https://clearing.co.uk

If you have any concerns or questions, or simply wish to talk through your ideas then please come to us for advice.