Schools in The Aln Community Schools Federation will not normally authorise any holiday that may be taken in term time. We clearly have an obligation to protect the learning and progress of students and understand from past experience that this absence can have a detrimental effect. Students who absent themselves as a result of a family holiday with be marked with an “unauthorised absence”. If any parent felt that they may have extenuating circumstances they should write to the Headteacher with full details for his consideration.

We do understand that from time to time we need to authorise absence on compassionate grounds e.g. the death of a family member, interview, participation in a recognised sporting activity, university visit, and in any of these instances, parents should contact the appropriate Director of Learning to agree necessary arrangements.


Home study leave will be granted to students during their summer examinations. Otherwise it is expected that all Year 12 students will use their independent study time effectively in school as part of their study programme.

In Year 13 they may be allowed home study leave at the discretion of their tutor. Parents will know exactly when this time is and will be asked to sign an agreement with us.