As a member of our Sixth Form, you are entitled to the following:

  • Good quality teaching and course completion

  • That work is provided for you in the case of teacher absence

  • A range of extra-curricular, charitable and social opportunities

  • Regular feedback on the standard of your work

  • Advice and support from your form tutor

  • A PHSE programme relevant to your needs including university application

  • Opportunity to input into the decision-making process of the Sixth Form

  • An available combination of subjects necessary for entry to major professions

  • Easy access to ICT facilities

  • That work is provided for you in case of teacher absence

  • That the teachers in charge of the Sixth Form listen to your views and treat them with respect

In return, the school expects the following from you:

  • A high level of effort both in and out of lessons

  • Attendance at all lessons

  • Completion of all homework on time to the best of your ability

  • Study away from the classroom

  • Attend registration every morning and assembly one a week

  • Consider involvement in extra-curricular activity

  • Prompt explanation of any absence from school

  • Respectful use of the Sixth Form Common Room and the wider school environment

  • Mature, responsible behaviour

  • That part-time jobs do not interfere with school work

This entitlement was agreed by the Director of Sixth Form and the Sixth Form Senior Students 2013.