It is expected that students work for as much time outside lessons as the amount of time spent in lessons. The normal contact time for students in Year 12 is 20 lessons out of 29 per week. This leaves ‘study’ time within the school for each subject taken. To succeed at Level 3, students should work for around 18 hours outside lessons also.

With Level 2 courses it is expected that students will follow their vocational course which amounts to around 15 sessions per week. This includes the study of three functional skills at level 1 or 2 in most cases (I.C.T., Communication and Application of Number) and work experience.

It is expected that students use approximately half of their ‘study’ periods for private study in school. This will take place wherever you find it easiest to study. This may include the Sixth Form Centre, the Sixth Form Study Room, the Library or one of the free classrooms that will be made available for students to use throughout the week. This time will be monitored.