Personal Property

Money and valuables should never be left in school-bags or coat pockets. Items may be handed to the school office or to a teacher for safe-keeping. Items of personal property and clothing should be clearly named. The school does not accept responsibility for lost items but we will gladly help with problems, provided sensible precautions have been taken.

All items found are handed into one of the school offices


Students who travel by bus are issued with bus passes by the Local Education Authority Transport Department if they live more than three miles from school. We ask parents to stress to their children the need for good behaviour when journeying to and from school. The bus pass must be shown to the driver every time students travel to or from school. If the pass is not shown, they will have to pay until the pass is produced.

Replacement bus pass are available at a cost of £10 by contacting the main switchboard at County Hall on 0345 6006400.

Replacement Arriva passes are available by contacting Arriva directly (Amy Walker – 0191 520 4144) and cost, depending on type of bus pass, between £5 and £10.

Fire & Emergency

Fire and emergency evacuation procedure is practised each term. The assembly points in case of emergency evacuation
are the multi-use games areas.

Student Planners

All students are provided with a professionally printed planner or diary, which provides spaces for timetables, attendance monitoring, the daily noting of homework tasks and simple communications between staff and parents. Parents are asked to sign the planners each weekend and they are then counter-signed by tutors at registration.


All students must have the following equipment each day: a black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, planner (provided), a bag, sports kit (on days when it is required) and a scientific calculator (these can be purchased in school).