Illness & Accident

The school provides first aid facilities and a medical room. Students who become ill at school will be cared for whilst parents are asked to come to school to collect them. In the case of accidents to students, a wide range of responses may be needed, from calling out the emergency services to administering minor first aid. It is essential that we have emergency contact telephone numbers, ideally for both parents. Where parents are often difficult to contact, or both work a long way from school, the numbers of other appropriate people, e.g. grandparents, can be helpful. Students needing urgent hospital treatment will be transported by ambulance.

If non-urgent hospital treatment is needed, we will contact parents and ask them to arrange it. We hope that you will understand that only in exceptional circumstances will school staff escort students to hospital for non-urgent treatment. However, in cases of emergency hospitalisation by ambulance, school staff will remain at hospital with all students aged 16 and under, and with older students who need support, until parents can get there.


We need to know about medical conditions which may affect a student’s wellbeing in school and parents will be asked for this information.

Immunisation Programme

The immunisation team now have a link to their services which provides information to schools and parents regarding their vaccination programmes and further information regarding the vaccines that are given to children

For any further information regarding the vaccination programme you can contact the Immunisation team at the following address:-
Stephanie Gibbs
Safe Care Lead (PHSN)
Immunisation Team
Hutton Health Suite
John Willie Sams Centre
NE29 8LJ