Student Support – Key Stage 4

Supporting your child in their academic progress as well as their well-being. Encouraging the development of rounded young people who positively contribute to our local community and wider society as a whole. We work to develop positive relationships between home and school to put the child at the heart of all our priorities.

As public exams loom Key Stage 4 staff work to provide support to all our students. Some support might take the form of whole year group general support, other support will be specific and tailored to individual needs.

Key areas looked at are:

  • Preparing for exams
  • Supporting young people to maintain good mental health and well-being
  • Preparing for life beyond school (next steps)
  • Celebrating the achievements of our young people.
  • Preparing for exams

    This might take the form of constructing revision timetables; working on study skills; supporting students to understand their targets and set action plans if they need some help in organising their time.

    Supporting young people to maintain good mental health and well-being

    We have a fantastic team of pastoral mentors who can help support students who might be struggling with anxiety; low-self esteem; friendship or social issues. All our team work closely with external agencies such as school health, youth projects, chaplaincy team, primary mental health, children and young people services, as well as our in house psychotherapy team, all working together to provide support to help remove the barriers to learning that mental ill health can bring.

    Preparing for life beyond school (next steps)

    The end of year 11 bring the final days of compulsory education. Over the two years of this key stage we work to support our students as they make choices about where their next steps might take them: be that to sixth form; college; or into the world of work through apprenticeships etc. We look for opportunities for young people to get ideas about a wide range of careers, developing links with local and national businesses alike.

    Celebrating the achievements of our young people

    We always have a hugely talented group of students who often excel in a variety of areas. We love to celebrate these successes. This might be though newletters, assemblys etc. Presentation evenings are an opportunity to showcase these talented students and the year 11s never let us down at their leavers assembly. Of course there is the ever popular Prom at the end of year 11 for all our exam students to let their hair down and enjoy looking forward to their long summer holidays!

    Resources & Help

    Please remember to use the resources each department will have provided links to but for general use:

    Mental Health and Well-being:


    Head of Standards

    Miss Laura Sweet; Progress –
    Mrs Nell Gair; Pastoral –