Pastoral Mentor Service

We as pastoral mentors provide support and advice for young people to enable them to access all areas of school life. We provide support in a number of different areas which may include

-Anxiety management
-Anger management
-Friendship groups
-Support and advice for parents

We as pastoral mentors have a triage system in place which means that one mentor is available in the pastoral office to speak to on a daily basis while the other two mentors have a caseload of students to mentor.

We provide a pastoral drop in Monday to Friday lunchtime . Students can speak to a pastoral mentor, have a safe space or enjoy some board games with friends.

Resources & Help

We have a number of resources we use to support the work that we do with young people such as

-programmes for Anxiety, Anger, Self-esteem and friendship
-apps for mobile phones/tablets to support anxiety, sleep and exam stress
-Games, puzzles and arts and crafts are available at lunch club

We link up with a local youth organisation called Community@NE66 charitable trust, who provide advice and support for our students through 1-1 mentoring sessions and also provide two sexual health/healthy relationship sessions within school. We have a number of other external agencies that we link up with to provide additional support for our students


There are three pastoral mentors who provide support for our young people:

Miss Taura Stewart; SEM Lead mentor
Mrs Hannah Penman
Mrs Ann Alexander

All three mentors have a wealth of experience working with young people in a number of different settings.