Priority Students – Pupil Premium

At Duchess’s we are looking to achieve a flexible approach which is evidence based and rooted in an understanding of the whole child, maintains clear boundaries and high aspirations and is carefully planned in collaboration with key partners. As such a range of strategies will be used to raise aspirations and attainment as well as support health and well-being taking individual needs of our pupil premium students, fully into account.

Duchess’s seeks to ensure the effectiveness of its use of the Pupil Premium. We recognise that barriers to achievement take a variety of forms and look for individual ways to support each child to achieve their very best. We do this by offering our children a wide range of opportunities and ensuring that these are accessible for everyone.

Resources & Help

Please follow this link to view the Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for 2018/2019 which also contains the review of this years expenditure and its impact.

You can apply for FMS by following the link:


Mrs Diane Murphy; Assistant Headteacher responsible for Pupil Premium