Student Support – Sixth Form

Supporting sixth form students to develop the skills and confidence to become independent and successful learners so that they can make their Next Steps into the world with readiness and optimism.

Students are guided towards resources and support to becoming better independent learners through Progress Check data and one to one academic mentoring with the Sixth Form team and Form Tutors. Pastoral support and safeguarding is delivered through assemblies, form time and one to one mentoring with a dedicated pastoral mentor. Students who may need further help are directed to the school’s counselling service where confidential and targeted work can assist. Communication with parents on issues relating to mental health and student support are made available in a termly newsletter. Our expectation to to create a non-judgmental, considerate and safe climate where students can thrive academically and emotionally in order to achieve success in their studies.

Resources & Help

Access through Sixth Form support to the school’s counselling team and other outside agencies for additional support; working with these agencies closely to ensure all mental health and emotional needs are being met for the student in school. One to one pastoral mentoring available every day to support students academically and emotionally. Close working relationships with Form Tutors so that early help can be implemented for students with concerns. Delivery of the Vespa programme through the Form Tutor team to build emotional resilience among our young people. Opportunities for students to develop personal skills through a range of volunteering roles. Guidance on Next Steps for all students available throughout their two years; either in-house relating to UCAS and HE, or delivered by an external partner for careers and apprenticeships. Two dedicated Sixth Form study rooms with PCs and laptops to encourage independent study during non-contact periods.


Denise Drummond; Head of Sixth Form
Paul Batley; Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Anna Harrison; Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Anne-Marie Carter; Sixth Form Pastoral Mentor
Lesley Purvis; Sixth Form Administrator.