Student Support – Year 8

By Year 8, our students are familiar with the routines and organisation of secondary school life and are able to get off to a flying start. In our experience they also really enjoy not being the youngest, and we rely on them to support our Year 7s as they settle into their new school.

Please support students in becoming more independent, encourage them to take responsibility planning their homework and remembering their equipment and P.E kit so they can learn to organise themselves. It’s great preparation for later in the school when self-management becomes more critical.

Year 8 is when students build and extend what has been established in Year 7, working hard towards their option choices at the end of K.S.3. D.C.H.S has an extensive range of opportunities open to our students and every student is encouraged to participate in a variety of activities outside the curriculum.

The priorities for the year are:

  • To preserve the good study habits, routines and behaviours established in Year 7 so that students are able to work and learn to their full potential. Student progress and attainment is closely monitored throughout the year and parents are notified through regular Progress Checks, Parents’ Evenings and, if necessary, through personal letters.
  • To prepare thoroughly for the end of year examinations so that students can gain results commensurate with their ability and potential.
  • To experience new skills and build new friendships through the extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities available; discovering new and unfamiliar activities and developing current favourites.
  • Resources & Help

    It’s possible that, for some Year 8 students, the novelty might have worn off slightly, and so it’s important to encourage them to stay engaged and continue to throw themselves into all aspects of D.C.H.S life.

    Year 8 is also typically the year when friendships undergo some changes; groups that were established in the students’ first months at the school often dissolve and reform around this time, which some students find difficult to manage. If your child is unhappy or you have concerns about their relationships, please do speak to their form tutor; we want to know, so that we can help.

    More generally, if you’re concerned about your child’s anxiety levels or emotional wellbeing, you might find the Young Minds website a useful source of information – but again, speak to us too.


    Year 8 Form Tutors
    Miss L McCarthy
    Mrs K Burns
    Mr J Towers
    Mrs N Bettany
    Mrs S Bowden
    Miss A Guillen
    Mr A Hall
    Mr C Adams
    Mrs S Turvey; Head of Standards
    Mr T Hillman; Assistant Headteacher