Name: Richard Shell
Years attended DCHS: 2003-2008

try not to say ‘no – it can’t be done'”

Where am I now? Currently Owner/Director of The Doxford Group based in Northumberland. I created the business in 2014 after leaving a career in banking. The business runs exclusive use wedding and events venues with associated accommodation in the form of a large country hall, bought in 2017, and a listed barn venue on the neighbouring property which has been operating since 2015. The business has grown rapidly in the last few years, with over 40 employees, and we plan to continue expanding into the future with myself at the helm. It is a privilege to have employed so many past and present students from DCHS!

What previous occupations have I had? Worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland after graduating from Edinburgh University. I held a number of roles during my graduate scheme, my last leading  the customer experience and communications agenda for a division of 650 employees. This was a big responsibility for being just 23 years old, but I enjoyed every bit of it. It set me up massively to enable me to create and grow my own business – something I always knew I wanted to do from a young age. 

What were your favourite subjects and memories? I really enjoyed Law – some of the cases were just fascinating. 

What did you do after leaving DCHS? I went to Edinburgh University to study Business and Economics. 

What careers advice would you give a current student of DCHS now? Cheesy – but follow your heart, try not to say ‘no – it can’t be done’ – there are always ways and means to make something happen.