The Duchess’s High School Trust (DCHS Trust) is a growing charity with big ambitions. We are  seeking new trustees to join our board.  

Established in 1994, we exist to support education and provide facilities/resources which enrich  and add to the statutory school curriculum. The Trust was dormant for a number of years but,  since 2018, has been experiencing a revival. In the last year we have supported pupil wellbeing,  lunchtime clubs, technology equipment, cultural activities, music resources and sports equipment,  raising in over £ 30,000 from 2020 to 2021.  

Our charity provides a vital service for 1500 pupils and their families every year.  

In 2019 we launched a new school lottery and we are starting to access grant funding. Over the  next twelve months we are projecting at least a two-fold increase in income and looking forward  to enabling more children to access new activities and opportunities. 

We are seeking two new trustees who can bring new skills and diversity to our committee. 

In particular, we are keen to hear from applicants who have experience of managing events or  have previous charitable experience. We are also interested in hearing from potential trustees  with a link to our wider community who can connect with local businesses and help us to take on  new projects, establish innovative approaches to fundraising and help us to raise our profile.  

As a trustee you will attend 3-6 meetings per year. In between meetings, you will work closely  with other members of the board and the school to develop and enable activity such as marketing  and communications, fundraising events or new project ideas. You will be passionate about  supporting young people and giving all our pupils access to high quality learning experiences,  wellbeing support and new opportunities. As an organisation there is potential for new trustees to  help steer our direction as we develop a new role in the community.  

The DCHS Trust does not work directly with children or young people. We facilitate and provide  funding for activities which are delivered by our school, feeder schools or community partners.  

To register your interest, please email After an informal discussion with  one of our Trustee’s you will be invited to submit a brief CV. References will be required.  Deadline midnight on 10th October 2021.